When men created advertisements the women in them came off second best. One that comes to mind is a woman with an enormous bust advertising cars: “Alexandra the great, 48.” Several decades later and I remember it still. Awful from today’s perspective but no one thought anything of it back then and I don’t believe sexism was the original intent.

Today’s ads on the other hand are deliberately sexist. Political correctness came along and educated us.. It has been a long hard slog for women.  I would have thought we’d almost arrived, but today’s neo feminists disagree.  Like Pavlov’s dogs, they salivate at finding something new to offend them.

Imagine a middle aged woman patting the bottom of one of two men preparing a tempting but slimming meal for her. It’s Philadelphia Cheese that’s the culprit, or the advertising agency that’s mainly made up of women these days. Phew! How did that hot sexist image get past the censor? Well, calling out misandry doesn’t seem to pack the same punch as shrieking misogyny.  That word may not have been dropped from the dictionary, but like the term merit, it’s on its way out.

I have male and female relatives; children and grandchildren, brothers and sisters. I can see past my nose and I don’t like where it’s being led.   If we’re going to abolish sexism then it’s about time that equal rights was inclusive of men.


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