There was a time when it was mainly men who created advertisements. Many of the advertisemebnts with women in them were either patronising or sexist. One that comes to mind is a woman with an enormous bust advertising cars or petrol.

They were the bad old days, or would have been if anyone had realisted that images like that were sexist, But that was before political correctness came along and educated us. It has been a long hard slog for women but like Pavlov’s dogs, we all salivate now if we even suspect anything seemingly sexist whether it is verbal or visual.

Imagine this, then. A woman middle aged woman patting the bottom of one of two men preparing a tempting but slimming meal for her. It’s Philidelphia Cheese that’s the culprit, or the advertising agency that’s mainly made up of women these days. Phew! How did that hot sexist image get past the censor? Well, sexism as it relates to men doesn’t seem to carry the same punch. We all know that there is strength in numbers, but men aren’t as organised into groups as women are. They don’t notice their rights being chipped away a bit at a time and don’t make the connection to the big picture. The trouble is that men still believe they’re running the world.

In case anyone’s wondering, I am a woman but I have male and female relatives, that’s children and grandchildren, not to mention brothers and sisters. Unlike rabid feminists, I can see past my nose and I don’t like where it’s being led.   If we’re going to abolish sexism then it’s about time that equal rights was inclusive of men.

Advertising agencies, having no imagination at all, tend to make male / female boy / girrl sexist. Keep watching this space for the occasional anti-sexist rant.


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