‘Just three months after Federal MPs were given a $44,000 pay rise, they are getting another $5550 boost.’ The headlines are blaring, the commentators are screaming and the politicians only have to brazen it through and pretend they had nothing to do with it.

Unlike the rest of us politicians don’t need to push for a raise, the kindly Independent Remuneration Tribunal senses there’s a bit of hardship happening and arranges it all for them.  I wish the rest of us had an Independent Remuneration Tribunal looking after us. MPs don’t have to prove productivity like we have to, politicians don’t have to prove they are doing a good job like we do.

Politicians lie to us beforehand, then they break their pre-election promises.Our first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard took a healthy economy and built up a deficit of billions. She had the chance to show us that women are better at running the country than men have been but failed abysmally. I can’t imagine any government having done a worse job than under the stewardship of Julia Gillard. She did whatever it took to keep her job and set our gender back by decades. Gillard and her cohort introduced taxes that will make our already hard lives pure misery. Unfortunately unless you’re into dictatorships, I’m not, then this democratic system is all that we have. We can toss our pollies out after three years but they will only fall on their nicely cushioned pay rises and perks.

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