Someone once pointed out to me that it’s the food blogs that are most popular. They have recipes. Blogs are another way to collect them.

I have a favourited food blogs myself. They come in handy and don’t take up space. People are so generous about sharing what they know with the world. Any time I want to know how to go about making a Curry or a Paella or a Pizza, there are hundreds of thousands of people willing to share with me. That’s the generous world of the Internet and Bloggers for you.  I don’t have enough space to house cook books. I used to buy a book for one or two recipes that attracted my attention and never tried out the rest. I like the idea of typing up a key word and choosing the best on offer, then printing up a page – one page. If the recipe is a success, I keep it, if not, it gets tossed without too much angst about having spent a fortune on a book and feeling obliged to keep it.

I am obviously not a food blog, so I thought it might be more fitting to give out a playdough recipe. It isn’t mine, and I can’t attribute because I don’t remember where I got it. But it’s better than a previous one I had because there’s less oil. I make them for my grandchildren these days. That means you don’t get greasy bench tops. My grandchildren aren’t in the habit of putting things in their mouth but the combination of ingredients making up this recipe aren’t toxic. I mean, I wouldn’t encourage anybody to drink the food colouring, but I don’t think that a drop in a huge pot of dough can’t do any harm. And the rest of the ingredients are obviously okay.

If you keep it in a tightly covered container, it practically keeps forever. (Naturally throw away the bits and pieces that have dropped to the floor or are dirty.)

So here is my first and most likely final offering (never say never). Hope you can make some use of it 🙂


3 cups flour

1 ½ cups salt

6 teaspoons cream of tartar

3 cups water

3 tablespoons oil

Several drops of food colouring added to the water

Mix all ingredients in large saucepan or skillet over medium – low heat, stirring constantly. Keep stirring till mixture cleans bowl. Remove from heat. Cool slightly. Knead dough until pliable. Store in plastic bag or airtight container.

2 thoughts on “A Recipe

  1. I grew up in a home where my Mum had one cookbook (the ‘Commonsense Cookbook’) and a notebook with recipes she must have gathered from friends. I, on the other hand, grew up to purchase a few too many cookbooks! She now googles recipes and finds just what she’s looking for! I now stick to one or two reliable cookbooks. I found that many of the books I owned had not been tested well and so would fail. My confidence in cooking has increased as I’ve latched on to the ones that work! I’m gradually getting rid of the other cookbooks 🙂

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