I’m finally reading some of the WordPress help sections. There would have been less angst and confusion had I begun with the help section but then I’m the sort of person who takes a new toy out of the box and wants to play with it straight away. Then, when I get into trouble as I invariably do, I will fish out the manual. I can’t say I’m an expert on WordPress blogging now but I am much more comfortable with it than I was.

There’s one thing I do have a problem with. It’s sticking to a theme. According to the help section, it would improve my chances of visitors if I found one that interested me and stuck to it. I know that it’s good advice. If your interests lie in sharing recipes with others (I’m sharing another recipe in my next post) then there’s no use mixing it up with tall tales and true about children and grandchildren, or flower arranging or book reviews. You will confuse your followers up that way.

The advice is good and I have written enough about children and grandchildren to make this into a child friendly blog. Having viewed other sites that stick to a theme I’ve seen some of the successful WordPress blogs for myself and been green with envy about their many and varied followers. I’m tempted. The trouble is that I often find myself having thoughts on other matters / issues and want to share them. There’s my family and friends, of course, but that’s limiting and I’m speaking to the already converted. They know my opinions on most things and I know theirs.

I’m absolutely besotted about my grandchildren and most likely there will be more child related posts than others, but it’s nice to have a new forum and a whole lot of new people to share my other opinions with. Please do stick with me for a while till I get my bearings one way or another..

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