Here’s another recipe as promised.

The lady who gave it to me (before Tiramisu was invented) called it Zuppe Englese. Literally translated it is English Soup but it is actually an alcoholic trifle. Yumm. Believe me.


2 eggs or 1 egg. This depends on how much pudding (custard) you want.

Set aside 1 ½ spoons plain flour to each egg

3 heaped tablespoons sugar for each egg

1 cup of milk for each egg (not mug)

2 pieces of lemon rind (not grated)

Put eggs in saucepan and add sugar. Beat for a few minutes, add flour and beat until smooth. Add milk and stir a few seconds, add lemon rind and then put mixture on stove on low flame. Stir the whole time until mixture bubbles. When pudding (custard) thickens it is finished. Halve pudding mixture in separate bowls  and mix two heaped tablespoons of cocoa (not the sweet stuff) in one bowl.

Dip biscuits in cherry brandy or brandy or Boronia.. Place in dish and pour alternately chocolate and vanilla pudding then add more biscuits. Chill for four hours at least. Remember not to drink and driver

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