I love Freshly Pressed. I check it out every day to see if there’s something there that I can relate to. I’ve added many of the blogs I’ve come across to my favourite section, the cast and charactes are bigger than Ben Hur. I dip in and out every day to check what my Word Press colleagues have to say about life, love and the universe. Some of them are prolific, some are multi-author blogs, and others just write when the inspiration moves them.  Mine is a mix of old articles, written and published in print and new pieces. I really envy the prolific types like Caleb Flanagan in http://20four12.wordpress.com who was so determined to get it right that he tried out different types of blogs till he got one right. The rest have fallen by the wayside, he says, but at last, by George, he’s got it.  Caleb has some good advice about that in his article: ‘The Land of 100 Posts’. ‘Make sure you are writing about something you find incredibly interesting.’ he says, and ‘be consistent’.

If I could chose to someone I admired for one day who would it be? I read that question on a blog somewhere but I’ve heard it before. It’s an old but good ‘what if’ question. For me it’s Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan or Paul Simon, poets all. But I also  wouldn’t mind having the mindset of Charles Gulotta of ‘Mostly Bright Ideas.’  http://mostlybrightideas.wordpress.com

I like his understated humour and gentle style very much. His many and varied posts are interspersed with telling cartoons meant to liven his articles up but I think his prose can stand alone just fine.  I work my way through his articles looking for clues, but alas, it can’t be done, I’ll just have to stick to enjoying them.

Both Charles and Caleb have a dedicated following, so I doubt they need any support from me. Same for the many Blogs of note that I’ve seen since I’ve become serious about checking them out. But I thought that rather than have a Blog Roll section, I would have it as a category and mention a site once a week that I’ve liked and why I’ve liked it.

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