I came across a blog called ‘Awesomely Unprepared’. (http://awesomelyunprepared.com) on Freshly Pressed. I was lured into it because it introduced itself as ‘Who’s your daddy…blogger?’ Mummy bloggers are a dime a dozen and I thought it would be interesting to see what the other gender has to say.

I was fooled. Awesomely Unprepared is actually a mummy blog. But to be fair the article that had me going was about fathers. It even gave out links to their sites. Like me, Kez thinks that it would be ‘fun to find out about the “other” sex’s perspective on parenting.’

What I like about Awesomely Unprepared is that it doesn’t offer up advice on parenting like a lot of mummy bloggers do, it just tells it how it is for one particular mummy. (I say mummy, not mommy, because being Australian that’s how Kez spells the word.) Kez calls herself a mummy who blogs. About being a mummy.’ She tries ‘to think of other things to blog about, but …. the “mummy” stuff seems to dominate!’ I think that although she will never quit being a mummy, writing about it is a phase she’s going through. Before we were mummies we were daughters and granddaughters, we are wives and will be mothers-in-law and grandmothers one day (although I’ve reached that grand old state already). We mummies are multifaceted. Till Kez reaches the other end of this current phase and moves on to other things, I intend to keep reading her blog.

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