How do you lose weight without really trying? I read something recently about an injections you can take or will be able to take pretty soon. It’s going to allow you to eat all you want and still stay slim.  You can lose weight and clog up your arteries at the same time. How great. There must be hundreds of diet books published each year and celebrities are always offering simple advice.

There was a weirdo who said that if you want to lose weight, zip your lips and go for a walk. Eat a salad every day along with your steamed  vegetables and stay away from fried foods. But the diet industry got to him.

Zumba caught my interest for a while. It caught everybody’s imagination. There are several Zumba classes in my area alone.  I bought the dvds and I have to tell you, watching it from the vantage point of my lounge chair, chips and fizzy drink at my side, was fabulous at first. But after a while I got sick of watching people flaunting their super fit models and switched off. No matter how hard I watched, it just didn’t help.

I’m going to turn off the computer now and go for a walk. There’s a new ice cream shop I’d like to check out. Maybe they’ve got a guilt free deep fried Mars Bar flavour.

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