I had commitments interstate that I couldn’t get out of, and wouldn’t get out of if I could. I was visiting my granddaughters. But I had been wishing that visit could have been the weekend before or the weekernd after.  I had a miserable cold with all the miserable symptoms that go with it. It was the raw throat that really made it hard. I felt like somebody had sandpapered my throat.

I’m boring you with these details because I’ve got a home remedy that works really well. At least it gave me relief when I needed it badly. This product didn’t get rid of my cold but I managed my weekend better than I otherwise would have,. There’s a product called Ginger Necktar. I found it so effective that I’m going to forgive the company for misspelling the word nectar. I think it’s the real deal as far as home remedies are concerned.  I believe that this product has honey, ginger, water and lemon. Let me just put on the record that I am not in any way medically trained so that I am only qualified to say that it helped me and I’m sharing the information about a home remedy that doesn’t cure the common cold but does make you feel better about it, with anyone who is interested. Make of that what you will.

As they aren’t paying me for the praise you get to look them up for yourself if you want to know more. The company is called Ginger Necktar Drink Co Pty Ltd .

If you can’t get hold of this fabulous product for yourself, I can tell you also from first hand experience, that I also found it helpful to drink hot water with a tablespoon of grated fresh ginger.

I’d love you to let me know if you’ve found it helpful.

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