I don’t know that I want to waste ‘print space’ to Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne,but the spin doctors here are romanticising his behaviour. It seems that rest of ‘The Firm’ as the British Royals term themselves, are too stodgy for words, good on Harry is the spin doctors’ consensus  for breaking out of that mould . Really, it’s not my business what he does, even if he is a high profile personage.  But I have to say that if we’d heard of anyone else who had invited a bunch of strangers to his suite to play strip poker he would be known as a sleaze. There are pictures of him cupping his genitals all over the internet, you can’t escape it.

And his dressing up in a nazi uniform a couple of years ago went by without doing too much damage to his reputation. We’re much too far away from that war to really understand the grim things that people experienced back then. But the first thing that I thought of when I saw this idiot in a brown shirt with the swastika on the sleeve was his great grandmother, Elizabeth Lyons. She was fondly known as the Queen Mum in this country. She and her husband King George the VI refused to leave London during World War II when it would have been easier and safer for them to  do so. People would have understood, even encouraged it. But she outfaced the nazis and gave her people the heart necessary to struggle through those grim days. She would have been heartbroken had she witnessed his behaviour.

The thought of Harry being King of Australia makes me want to hurry the Republic along.

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