My original intent on setting up this blog was to keep up a grandmotherly journal. I have four grandchildren and have been writing about the two older ones for the past twelve years and am beginning to add the two younger ones to my collection of stories. If you’ve ever asked your mum or grandmum about the olden days, you’ll know what a blessing such a blog can be.

I’ve been finding myself steering away occasionally from the strictly family oriented pieces to add my opinions on other matters.  I think that’s valid as long as I bear in mind that my beloveds will read those opinions one day when I’m not around to answer questions, and judge me.

I’m still keen to meet with other grannies (slow going so far) and exchange notes. But I’m open to other experiences which is why I love getting stuck into the freshly pressed blogs.

I have noticed that some blogs offer guest post space to fellow bloggers. I thought that in my turn I would open up two new categories: Guest Grannies and Guest Recipes.  I’m happy to consider guest posts from grandmother bloggers or bloggers who have stories about their own grandmothers, or their children’s grandmothers, and I would like also love it if bloggers would like to share a family recipe with me. You needn’t have a recipe blog, just a willingness to share a family recipe.  In both categories, if I publish your piece I would be happy to post a link to your site.

Hope to hear from you soon.

PS. I forgot to mention that if you want to guest post you can send an attachment (please no pasting). The address to send it to is (what else?): seriouslyseekinggrannies@yahoo.com.au

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