I’m having a go at the writing challenge using Australian similes. Being a slow type at the best of times anyhow and because the challenge came in late I’ve decided that I would re-write an old piece and not worry about whether or not I can get it done on time. I’m enjoying it so far and finding it a genuine challenge to not only find Aussie similies that will suit the occasion but to also finding a way to revamp the piece enough so it doesn’t feel too much of a cheat.

I doubt I will have it done on time, but I intend to post it for your entertainment. The reason I decided to let you all know about it is that it means there’s pressure on me to follow through. Watch this space.

What the heck, this is an update. Since I wrote that post three hours ago, I’ve revised and revised. Like every other writer on the face of this earth, I just know that I will want to revise it one more time once I send it, but I’m going to take that risk.  Actually, I’ve taken that risk as I posted my Writing Challenge before I updated this post. I’m babbling I know, but I’m worried now that it’s all out of my hands.

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