When Gina gave me some of her recipes I was a young bride who thought that the way you cooked fried rice was to pour melted butter over uncooked rice, place in a casserole dish with uncooked vegetables and place in the oven. The smell coming from that baking concoction is not to be believed. But although I’ve never lived the experience down,  I’ve improved a lot. Gina’s recipe was quite exotic back then, none of us in Aus had experienced Pizza before (unless we had Italian connections). Gina may have baked with yeast, I don’t remember, but that would have been nerve-wracking for a beginner like me. That’s why this pizza dough recipe has no yeast. Here goes:

Two cups self-raising flour. Make a well in it and add an egg, work it in, using a little extra water if necessary (better less than more). You can also add a tiny bit of olive oil in with the mixture. No salt. Work the mixture and knead it. Rub flour onto a pizza base and tap excess out – not oil – and put the rolled out dough onto it.

Then you basically add your toppings. You can use a special pizza tomato sauce as the base to spread on pizza dough which has basil and parsley in it, or just tomato paste if you want to. Then add sliced or grated mozzarella. From there it depends on what you like. You can add black and/ or green olives, anchovies, mushrooms and/ or other ingredients such as grilled zucchini/ eggplant. Then, sprinkle some grated parmesan cheese – good quality only, drizzle a little olive oil on the toop.

Place in a reasonably hot oven for between 30-40 minutes or until you see the crust is golden a nice golden brown.

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