A thousand and one stuffed recipes online. This one is not off the internet although the image is. Making stuffed peppers takes a bit of time and patience but it is not hard. Just follow the instructions. I did make a vegetarian stuffed pepper for my son once. I’ll post it one day soon. Darn it, I’m updating already. I forgot the image of the stuffed peppers. Enjoy.

  • Choose firm peppers with flat bottoms that will stand straight in the pot. Long peppers if possible but squat ones okay, you’ll just fit in less.
  • ½ kilo mince meat. Preferably a mix of chicken and beef.
  • ¼ cup (small) of uncooked rice. Too much rice makes for tough eating.
  • Grated onion
  • A jar of pasta sauce. I like the one with extra garlic in it.
  • Crushed clove of garlic
  • Tablespoon sweet paprika
  • Make sure that you have a saucepan that will fit the peppers snugly
  • Cut the top off each pepper and clean out the middle.  (Unlike the picture I Googled, make the opening wide.)Then pour boiling water over the peppers and let them steep while preparing the ingredients
  • Mix meat and rice
  • Grate a medium sized onion into the meat. Don’t add an egg as it makes the mixture  too firm when cooked
  • Take the now softened peppers out of the water. Gently and carefully stuff them with mix, making sure not to fill them to the brim, leave a couple of centimetres free of mix

1 jar of pasta sauce to the saucepan and 1 jar of water (or less depending on the size of the saucepan and the size of the peppers). Too much water dilutes the flavour so be careful. Add sweetened paprika and garlic to the sauce mixture. Maybe a pinch of dried chilli for some kick. Make sure that when adding the peppers there’s at least an inch of pepper showing  above the sauce

When sauce starts simmering add the peppers. Baste, then cover the pot with a lid. Check every fifteen minutes or so and baste

Cook for ½ – 1 hour. It all depends on whether the rice is cooked properly

I can’t emphasis enough that it’s important to cook this dish on a low flame and check on peppers and and baste often. Also – vital – don’t overdo the water. Don’t let it burn, but don’t let it drown either.

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