I was watching a film tonight. It doesn’t really matter which because it’s the paining of Charles Dickens asleep at his desk that interested me. I’m a big fan not only of his work but of his prolific output, not surprising since he wrote 2000 words a day.  The painting is called Dickens’ Dream. In it Dickens is asleep at his desk, surrounded by his characters. What wouldn’t I do to be surrounded by such characters. The desk is an unassuming little 19th Century construction. Perhaps I can take a leaf from Dickens’ book so to speak and write a minimum of 2000 words a day with a goose quill pen?  Perhaps if I had Dickens’ desk? Well maybe for show because I couldn’t give up my computer? There was a time, but I’m past all that, when I would write in note books and exercise books – using biros. I couldn’t go back to that, let alone work with a quill pen. I’ll never give up the cut and paste.

Forget about the 2000 words, I’m having a hard time putting this handful of words together.  I’m making it an end of year resolution to stop complaining about cramping of the brain or the fingertips. With or without the pen, I will attempt to push myself out of that comfortable envelope.

Perhaps I can try to keep up with the Weekly Writing challenge. I’ve tried two so far The pieces are not fabulous but I’m proud to have done them in a shorter time span than I’m used to.  (Usually it takes months, sometimes it’s years.)

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