I’ve got two likes so far for this post, but no visits to my recipes blog. I think I see the problem. I forgot to set up a link to it. Here it is below. Once it’s done (my friends say I’m bossy) why not read my Daily Post. I’m proud of it because it takes me a lot longer to get a post done. Taking up the Challenges seems to have done me a lot of good.


I’m not focussing as much on my recipes blog as I am on my articles blog. No pictures, for example, but the recipes are yummy and easy and not too much preparation involved. I am trying to post a recipe every time or every second time I post an article. It won’t balance things out quite as I’ve started this new blog recently, but by doing so I hope not to let it lapse. Please visit and make my efforts worthwhile.  Make suggestions, offer (positive) criticism. Here’s what I have got so far. Please come on over and see for yourselves.

Macadamia Fish Curry, Sourdough Bread, Capsicum soup, Prawns dish, Double Delight Chocolate cake

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