Wikipedia says that conglomerate is a production crew and musical group, a hip hop record label, a jazz quartet and a superhero team in the DC Comics universe.  It also talks about geology and a rock that combines different elements to make a whole but I didn’t quite understand it.

Conglomerate is also a soup. You won’t find it in Wikipedia or indeed in Webster’s dictionary. In a fit of desperation my husband invented the term.

It’s funny but when your children are babies they will eagerly suck down anything you feed them. You mash a bit of broccoli and pumpkin and they can’t seem to get enough of it. The moment they’re old enough to name the vegetables, it’s suddenly ‘broccoli – euw!’ ‘Pumpkin – ick!’ That last is accompanied by a gagging sound. And telling your children that it’s good for them is a recipe for disaster.

‘That looks like vegetable soup’, says, one son.

‘Yeah, says little Sir Echo’, his brother.

‘No, said my husband it’s conglomerate soup’.

‘What’s conglomerate soup’, then?  The eldest is calling his bluff.

You’d be surprised, says my wily husband. Lots of stuff that’s bad for you.’

Our boys love vegetables these days. In fact, one has been a card carrying vegetarian for almost a decade.  And I’m happy to say that they’ve carried on in the tradition of Conglomerate Soup with their children.  If you’re really desperate I’ll give you the recipe.

2 thoughts on “Play Lexicographer

  1. Oh Mary you make me laugh. My husband would like the recipe provided it has no vegies in it !!😀 We have twins and when they were little one loved vegie soup, the other minestrone. Needless to say I fed them from the one pot, that bit was easy, remembering who liked what was a totally different matter.

    • Have you heard the story about ‘Stone Soup’? I think it was in the Depression when people were roaming the country looking for work. A drifter tells a credulous woman that he can make a soup from a stone, he only needs a pot and some water. needless to say she gives it to him, then a turnip, then a carrot then a…well you know where that’s heading. When it was done they both shared the soup and he gave her the stone as a present. I don’t know what that has to do with my piece, but the story sort of came into my head when I was remembering about our Conglomerate soup phase.

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