I awoke this morning to find Daily Post comments already closed. I am, as usual, behind my colleagues. I have a hard enough time thinking of an angle, being expected to avoid three-letter words turns into an extra challenge.  Also, it’s playing havoc with my tenses. Refining these five lines took fifteen minutes (Actually, that’s fifteen minutes –  take away five).

There is another minefield to negotiate. Does today’s requirement include contractions, I want to know? I mean, do we count ‘I’m’, or ‘I’ve’ or ‘I’ll’? If so then I’ve already faffed things up.

Anyhow, it’s four letter words we should stay away from. Four letter words cause problems.  Of course if you’re speaking French ‘merde’ is actually a five letter word, then there’s German,  count the letters yourselves: Setz dich auf deine vier Buchstaben  (“sit down on your four letters”) mainly used  when speaking to children, as it refers to Popo, meaning “rump” in baby talk. (I understood none of it, I just dutifully  copied it from Wikipedia. I love Wikipedia.

I love my three letter words so I am reinstating them: the, the, the, and the. I can’t do without my ‘the’ or ‘you’, or ‘and’ or ‘for’ you read me WordPress people?

PS, If you (you) want longer posts, then you (you) have to give us Aussies more time.

8 thoughts on “Bat, fat, mat, hat sat, rat, cat in the hat; eschew three letter words

    • Thanks, I’ve finally taken the plunge and revealed myself. it’s one of my fave pictures of me and my boys, But it’s my old look, the picture was taken mph, mph years ago.

  1. I always find the comment closed. I just post and link and move on. The link is there if anyone cares. I like words too. I did not enjoy meshing my post in order to avoid the three letter ones. It sounds lumpy when I do that. Good job. I was so interested in what you were saying, I never noticed if you slipped up.

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