Boring though my life is, I’m constantly revising my personal history. Perhaps that’s why I do it.  ‘Of course I’m twenty one.’ (This is addressed to my sons on every (my) birthday since they turned five.)  ‘I can’t help it if you’re twice my age.’  (This is when they finally caught on.)

(This is a bit of an inner commune.) I had to eat that second helping of chocolate cake to be polite to my host.  I haven’t put on weight; it’s just that different clothing labels have different ideas about garment sizes.

(To my children when they were little.)When I was at school I was dedicated to my education; I walked five miles in the snow to get to school. I always did my homework the moment I came home from school; I don’t believe in playing hooky.

I strongly advise anyone who wants to have led an interesting life to keep a journal. Historians do it all the time, why not you? A journal serves a dual purpose: you can use it for posterity so your descendants can appreciate you, and you can refer to it to prove a point to someone who remembers an incident differently to you.

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