Coming to a bookshelf near you are Eric Roquefort the third and a cast of characters that will have you both entertained and enthralled. Eric, King of Romance is dead, long live the king. Queen of Romance actually because Eric wrote under the pen name Melodie Waters.  Melodie’s specialty was bodice rippers and Eric knew of which he / she spoke. This is what Mariel and Susannah who collaborate under the name of Rosalie discovered when they unwittingly found themselves playing detective at the Romance Writer’s Convention.

If you’ve ever wondered what romance writers are like or what they talk about when they get together, you won’t be able to resist Murder at the Romance Writer’s Convention. It’s obvious that Mary Pearl has an in with that crowd. She reveals secrets that will both delight and shock you. Her dialogue is crisp her plotlines convincing and the characters are to put it mildly, titillating.


2 thoughts on “Death at the Romance Writer’s Convention

    • Thanks, Maddie. I’ve had this little outline for dozens of years. I thought I would join you industrious types slogging at a novel to a deadline. I thought about it.

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