‘Don’t smoke, will you? It makes your breath smell and your hair and your clothes. It’s bad for you,’ I told my five year old. I didn’t think I could start early enough with the indoctrination.

‘But you smoke, mummy,’ was the puzzled response.

And there was something in the look he gave me that made me stop in my tracks.

‘That’s right,’ I said, after a minute, ‘but it’s just because I’m finding it hard to stop that I am telling you about it. I don’t want you to start.

He didn’t say anything, but I could tell that my son wasn’t having any of it. Children tend to recognize hypocrisy a mile away, no matter how well meant.

So, as I wanted to have the upper hand when it came to this issue, I stopped. And it only took me 20 tries and thirty years to do it.

I’m glad to say that neither of my children smokes.

This doesn’t quite answer today’s question which is what advice did you give that you failed to take yourself, but having led an exemplary life (smile) it’s as close as I can get.



4 thoughts on “But you smoke, mummy

  1. I saw that challenge, and I tried to think of a post, but it wasn’t a good day for blogging. 😉 Good for you for not smoking! My parents were both smokers, but none of us five kids were ever smokers. My husband and I don’t smoke, but our son does. I don’t know what to think about that. Our son is 25 and he already hates that he smokes. I think he’ll quite before too many years go by.

    • You and your siblings are totally amazing. Statistics have it that if the parents smoke the children are likelyh to take it up also. Five kids, eh, where were you in the pecking order?

      • I am the middle child with all the baggage that came with it. Plus, my siblings were more subdued and studious, while I was the one running through the house and knocking the baby out of the bassinet – truly an accident. My mother and I had an off-again, on-again, somewhat strained relationship over the years, but we’ve been good friends for the last 15 years or so. Things do seem to get easier when you’re older. … Do you have siblings?

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