Dear Alter Ego, I’m having a bit of a struggle with myself about my blog. Do I pretty it up with pictures or do I just let my words do the talking? As you know, it’s been a long time worry and the result has been that my dear little blog is looking a little bit like a dog’s breakfast. I just can’t make up my mind. All I wanted at first was a place and some space to park my thoughts and share with others.  Having you as a captive audience of one is lovely but limiting.

WordPress seemed to me an ideal forum when I stumbled across it. It has statistics, which I love and a world view of visitors. And WordPress has a community, so that means I can get instant feedback, from someone across the world who can relate to what I say. (What I still can’t get my head around is that my today is often their yesterday.)

I’m fed up with visitors who just stop and stare. Is it the lack pf pictures that are getting in the way of people stayiing and sitting a spell?  Do I stick to my original plan or do I give in to popular demand? Love, Mez xx

Give in, Mez. When on the World Wide Web, act as the other Webbers do. I’ve explained it all to you before.  Give in. Hard copy books and newspapers are old hat. Just imagine a Dodo with your face on it and the decision should come easier.  Why not join us in the 21st Century? It won’t hurt a bit.

The opposition would do it if it could. It wants more pictures but hard copy is limited by considerations of cost and advertising space. Come to think of it, the opposition is joining us one failed hard copy newspaper at a time. Better pull yourself together before it’s too late.

People are used to having thoughts translated into images, M, or at least enhanced by them. Having text only sites on the Net would be like taking a backward step into that dim past.  It’s like going back to black and white TV. You won’t find them. There’s no restriction on space on the Web nor are you restricted by your imagination. AE

That’s the trouble, AE, I have no imagination to speak of.  I seem to be the only one in the blogging world with that problem. That’s some distinction isn’t it? M

It’s a distinction you can live without. You need to choose, M. We both know that you’re avoiding the self-help manuals. Get on top of it or cut those pictures out altogether. Stop dithering.  Kind regards, Alter Ego.





8 thoughts on “Dear Alter Ego: Narrative Mode

  1. You’ve actually wondered about pictures for quite a while haven’t you? It takes a lot of time to find pictures to use that don’t infringe, or taking the time to make my own graphics. But in the end, I like the color they bring to my blog. … Very nice take on the challenge, Mary.

    • You’re right, Maddie, the pictrure thing has been an ongoing issue for me. When I began, I didn’t think too much about it, but as I started visiting other people’s blogs and seeing what they did, I admired them enormously for their skill and and imagination. when I see your blog, I think of sunshine.
      Is it hard to create your own graphics? I suppose yu need to take a course.

  2. If you add Zemata to your blog it makes adding pictures a snap! If part of the hesitation is availability of photos, or the trickiness of doing it, that’s an easy fix. Sounds like you’re more about the purity of the word and don’t want to hassle with the picture part of it. Depends on if you are writing just for you, or you want to pull in readers. If you like the simple, unadorned look, stay with it. Best of luck to you whichever direction you decide to go.

    • Kami, purity of the word sounds horrible. And on re-reading, I guess that’s how it sounds. It’s actually stick in the mud. I am somewhere in between a luddite and an electronic enthusiast. Also I don’t have pictures. What’s Zemata and is it easy and is it easy to access? Will it help me? I need all the help that I can get, plus a dose of imagination wouldn’t hurt.
      Thanks very much for bothering, Kami. 🙂

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