imagesMy darling little granddaughters are coming from interstate to visit and stay for the Christmas holidays.  I’m cooking and cleaning and preparing their room and I’m planning events (most unlike me I can hear you saying). Oh, we’re going to have fun doing girly type things. It’s something that I only discovered in the past few years because I raised boys. Boys like farting and burping, they aren’t keen on giggling. They climb trees but steer clear of nail polish. With boys it’s the slugs and snails and puppy dog tails. For those of you with young boys who are panicking right now, they do grow out of that.

2012 has been just lovely. I’ve discovered fabulous people and blogs.  I’ve even learned some things about blogging and about myself as a writer.

I’m still going to visit my friends and check out the freshly pressed now and again, but (sob) won’t be able to go for any challenges for a while or post any articles. It’s going to be hard not to have any visitors and see the dreaded zero in the stats. But I plan to collect enough material to make up for it when I get back.

I wish all of my darling friends, people I did not even know about last year, a happy Christmas and I hope that you get whatever you’re wanting for yourself and your beloveds in the brand new year that’s on its way (forget about the Mayans). C U soon. 🙂

Affectionately yours


7 thoughts on “Forget the Mayans

  1. Mary, I will greatly miss your articles! I find them so refreshing and a light at the end of my days. I know you will have a wonderful Christmastime with your family. Enjoy! I have so much to tell you upon your return. Merry Christmas & Many Blessings to you and yours in 2013!!!

    • Thanks so much, Laura. I’ve been looking out for you. Glad you are back. I thought you might have abandoned your blog for some reason. Merry Christmas dear Laura. Hope we can send the Mayans home.

  2. Enjoy your break from blogging, I’m sure it won’t be restful……..that can come afterward. I’m busy back logging so when I’m lounging on the beach one eye on a good book the other on my darling grandies it will look as if I’m still hard at it! I will look forward to “seeing” you in 2013, and thanks for being out there! Warm hugs, Sandra

    • Thanks, Sandra. I daren’t even check out today’s challenge or I’m lost. I will still be making the occasional visit and seeing what people are up to. I will especially be checking out if you’ve got anything delicious on offer. I just won’t have the time to write articles. I guess it’s the physical versus the mental and by the end of the hols rolls around I’ll be yearning for the latter. Hugs right back at you, Mary xx

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