Bloggers are commenting on the tragedy at Newtown in Connecticut, everybody is grieving. Many have unfortunately become used to death and carnage lately and desensitised to it. Yet all of us, wherever we are in the world grieve for the children who died at Newtown and their parents.  As I see it, It takes nine months to produce each human being and years to raise them.. Human beings are not replaceable, and when it’s little human beings who will now never get the chance to reach their potential, it’s even harder to take.  Two boys, we’re told, are being laid to rest today. Little boys never rest, they wear superman capes, they run, they jump, they climb, and sometimes they drive their mothers batty. What little boys don’t do is rest, not until they get to be big boys. Wherever in the world we are, we are all grieving for the little boys and little girls who will never get to grow up.

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