insomniaIt’s one fifty five in the morning, here. Hi, I’m Mary and I’m an insomniac. I have only recently come to admit my problem with lack of sleep. There was a time when I could put my head down on the pillow and I’d be off to Nod Land. Those days are long gone, but I am clinging to the belief that this sleep deprivation I’m going through is only a temporary phase. I had a bit of a joke with a fellow blogger recently who admitted to me that she can’t stop her fingers from tapping things out in the wee hours of the night, but I think that what this poor girl has is Bloggeritis. That’s something else altogether. I’m just wondering whether insomnia is an age-related thing and if there’s a whole bunch of us, insomniacs of a certain age out there who could use those wasted hours more productively. We could join ranks and harness those hours for our benefit or for betterment of Personkind. We could invent a better light bulb for one. I don’t like these new-fangled energy saver types. Or we could stop whining about how one day we are going to write that novel, and actually write that novel.
My ten minutes are up.


11 thoughts on “Ten minute challenge: I’m Mary, and I’m an Insomniac

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  2. I sometimes see an infant fast asleep in a stroller at the supermarket and I wonder how I can have so much trouble doing something that’s apparently so easy. (Do they make adult-size strollers?) Sorry you’re struggling with this problem, too, Mary. Maybe we could collaborate on a post some night when we’re both awake. I’m just not sure it would make any sense the next morning.

    • If only our insomnias were in sync, Charles.
      ps It’s not the stroller it’s the service that comes with it. Oh, for the days when somebone worried about us.

  3. Well, hello there, Mary. It’s 1:00 a.m. as I’m visiting your blog, and I probably won’t be going to bed for another hour or so. 🙂

    LOL!! Bloggeritis. A bit of that is true, but alas and alack, I have had insomnia for a couple of years now. Maybe age does have something to do with it. If I go to bed at 11:00 (like most normal people around here), without fail, I am wide awake at three in the morning, and I never go back to sleep. Staying up until two or three in the morning seems to be the sweet spot for me, and I can get six or seven hours then. I’m usually up between nine and nine-thirty.

    Blogging simply gives me something to do while I’m waiting to get tired. 😉 And I actually did start writing the first novel at 11:00 p.m. one night.

    Sorry to hear though that you are suffering, too.

    • Give us back those days when other people had sleepless nights worrying about us. Maddie, I’d like to think that if your three am and my three am were in sync, then we could keep each other company, electronically speaking. I’m sure we would have some beautiful chats. 🙂

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