grannyimagesCA7AUHDLWordPress congratulated me this morning on having made it to my first anniversary as a blogger. I had thanked them some days earlier for their wonderful user friendly program (How do I love thee WordPress?) so I won’t repeat myself here.

I could talk about what I’ve learned in 2012, and about the people I have met along the way, but I have also done that.

What I haven’t had the chance to do till today is to think through what my writing aims are for this year and why I’m still persisting with this blog. It’s not easy. A couple of weeks ago I decided that I’d like to give this blogging business a bit of a rest. More work than it’s worth, I thought. But soon after (I can’t seem to stay away) I wrote a ten minute piece in response to a WordPress challenge that I called: ‘I’m Mary and I’m an Insomniac.’ It got more likes than the more thoughtful pieces I have previously written. (More likes for me, that is.)

I don’t get it. Is it the spontaneous nature of this piece that’s lacking elsewhere? Or is it that people were relating to the topic? Should I analyse it and write more pieces that people can relate to? Well, yes, I don’t mind doing that. I mean, if I’m writing only for myself, I might as well put the stuff in my bottom drawer. Then again I prefer to write more about what interests me and hopefully the reader. Maybe I can try to combine the two, but I’m not really sure what that is, yet.

I could restructure and stick to the original theme. That’s what WordPress are always saying we should do. It did begin as a Granny tribute to the grandchildren, but then I began to wonder if it’s a more sophisticated version of the slides and wallet photos of old where you collared people and bored them silly with your pictures and endless stories of those clever darlings.

But I’ve been discovering that my opinionated self needs to push other barrows as well. Perhaps I should name 2113 the year of the gung-ho grannie, who’s going to want to spout opinions on everything that catches her eye or ire. Or perhaps not. I’m already losing my nerve. Hope you’ll watch this space. I’ll let you know when I know.

10 thoughts on “Gung-Ho Grannie

  1. I don’t know, Mary. I think people do tend to read/comment when they can relate to the topic. More people are insomniacs and can probably relate to that post than those who may not have wanted to take the time to read your more in-depth To Sir with Love which was more specific to your schools. I think there is an audience for everything you write, and I think you should write whatever you want. Gung-ho grannie – I like it. 😉

    • Maddie, you’ll have to do something about that Susan Hunter image. Whenever I look at it I think you’re much too young to be offering such common sense comments. Really, I’m coming around to the opinion that images do speak to people as much as words do. Kind regards, gung-ho

      • Rich and I were laughing about the image the other day. Some of these youngsters around here think I am one of them, so they include me. I’ve freaked a couple of them out by telling them I am old enough to be their mother.

        It’s all part of building a brand. I’m trying to get Susan Hunter out there into the world as much as possible. I’m excited to see if all of this goes anywhere one day. There’s a place for silly pink fluff in the world. 🙂

    • Thanks, Sandra, I knew I could count on you making a supportive comment. You’d think at my age I’d be past worrying about the neighbours, wouldn’t you? And occasionally I am. 🙂

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