For those of you who think the title has to do with pretty pictures and and fabulous widgets, you obviously haven’t been following my posts.

Those others of you who dlo visit occasionally might be wondering why I haven’t written anything for a bit. It’s because I am re-writing some of my old and not so old pieces. I’ve only done two so far but I plan to re-do anything that looks as if it needs an update and an edit. I’m going to check out every piece as if I’m a visitor and make sure I’m happy with what I’m reading.

Why bother? Well, I’ve also asked myself that. Am I writing for myself or for readers? I think it’s both. Even if it’s just for me, how much satisfaction can I get from a second rate article? When I push things through just to see my work in print I’m letting both the reader and myself down. Being my own editor has proved to be a two-edged sword. It’s so nice not to have to wait for months to hear if somebody wants your work and wait again to see it in print and wait again to be paid for it. I love blogging, I can print what I like and when I like but the downside of course is that once it’s there people are judging me and my work. I can see how useful real editors can be. And even though there’s no money involved, I have to consider my ‘circulation.’ Ho, ho, har, har, some circulation, you’re probably thinking, but I’ve come to recognise many of the faces or their proxys in my notifications box. They are the faces I see when I write. I want to do my best for me and for them.

7 thoughts on “Under reconstruction

  1. It’s good to revisit stuff, sometimes you get a pleasant surprise! I’ve started rephotographing some of my first post that have phone photos (ugh!) and will repost as I go. there is no harm in self improvement! 😉

    • It’s that thing, after a while, when you start to realise you do care how your blog presents itself. On the other hand, photos or not, your recipes are just terrific. I love them.

      • I guess we all care about our image. My Mum used to say pride comes before a fall, but if you don’t have pride in your achievements, what motivates you to improve. So glad you like my recipes ……..😉

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