My muse

My muse

I’ve had a think about this prompt (the VIP I can’t do without)and have come to the conclusion that as I love each family member in different ways and for different reasons I can’t possibly choose one precious human being over another. That’s why I’ve decided on Jean Paul as my VIP. JP is a bear and an old friend.

JP has been named after the sixties actor Jean Paul Belmondo. Jean Paul (the bear not the actor) belonged to my baby brother, then my children played with him for a while. One son believes the bear belongs to him and that I’m just holding on to it for safe keeping. I let him think it.

When I’m alone I bring JP out of hiding. He’s not your traditional battered bear, shabby and worn through years of handling. JP is actually in excellent condition. There was one incident that led to an unfortunate accident and ended in delicate eye surgery. But that was long ago and we no longer mention it. Other than that one incident JP has worn well.

Jean Paul is my muse. We have lengthy chats about love, life and the universe. Actually it’s more of a monologue than a dialogue. I talk my ideas through with JP and he smiles; I ask questions and then come up with the answers, JP’s glass eye winks; I arrive at my destination and JP positively glows.


5 thoughts on “Jean Paul, my muse

  1. Well, I love this about you! And the fact that you have conversations with Jean Paul is even better.

    Stuffed animals were like real people in our home when our son was young. They had names, and they had roles in his life. When Rich and our son spotted a stuffed bear alongside the road one day, they went back, rescued him, cleaned and repaired him, and he had a good life going forward.

    On my desk right now is a Boyd’s bear. His name is Louie B. He used to wear wire-rimmed glasses, but they were lost years ago. He was a favorite of our son, and I simply cannot bear to see him put away in a box or given away. Although Louie B. is not my muse, he makes me happy to see him sitting here atop my calculator watching over my typing. 🙂

    • Maddie, it looks as Louis B is doing a good job of it being your guardian angel of writing. I had to look up Boyd’s bears on the internet. There was a mini bear that was really cute, but it’s not that, obviously. There’s something about toys that once belonged to our children. There’s that shared history that make mine so appealing to me. Jean Paul has a lovely face; if you look at him long enough it seems as if he’s listening, and if I’m speaking my ideas aloud I get those ideas straight in my head if that makes sense. And if I’m on my own it beats talking to myself. 🙂

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