A Tale of Two Pithys


Pithy (dictionary.com)
1. (of language or style) Concise and forcefully expressive.

Retired from active parenting duty. Exchanged the knitting needles for a pen and notepad.
Reinstated. Put the pen and notebook on hold and taken up knitting commissions.

Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream.
You an’ me, we sweat an’ strain,
Body all achin’ and racked with pain.
Tote that barge! Lift that bale!
Git a little drunk,
An’ you lands in jail!

There is no private ownership on Utopia, with goods being stored in warehouses and people requesting what they need. Rotated between the citizens every ten years.
Each year, more than 8 million
people around the world die
because they are too poor to
stay alive, most of these are children

“She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me, and I am in no humor at present to give consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men.” (Mr Darcy)
“You are mistaken, Mr Darcy, if you suppose that the mode of your declaration affected me in any other way, than as it spared the concern which I might have felt in refusing you, had you behaved in a more gentlemanlike manner.” (Elizabeth Bennett)”

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader (Australia) “First of all we had the false class war, then we had the false gender war, now we have got the false birthplace war,” the opposition leader told reporters in Melbourne on Tuesday.
Julia Gillard – Australian Prime Minister. “This is the man, who in the run-up to 2010 campaign and almost every day since has been out in the community trying to raise fear”

The Federal, Labour government (Australia) has wrecked our economy and put a burden of debt on the next generation.
Off with its head!
The Liberal opposition wants to do what got it tossed out last time, introduce work choices under another guise and scrap unfair dismissal laws.
Off with its head!

There was an attempt at a leadership spill yesterday to depose Julia Gillard from the top job of Australian Prime Minister. It turned out to be a non-event, because Kevin Rudd who’d been snapping at her heels since he had the top job taken from him refused to come out and play the game. Rudd must surely have endorsed the plan or it wouldn’t have gone ahead.
Labor Senator David Feeney says Gillard’s victory isn’t a Pyrrhic one, but given Gillard’s unpopularity with her own people I can’t see what else it could be called.
*[Wikipedia] Someone who wins a Pyrrhic victory has been victorious in some way; however, the heavy toll negates any sense of achievement or profit. Nevertheless, a Pyrrhic victory is seen as a superior result to an outright loss, at least when the battle is over a strategically valuable resource.

Another time and another place, the queen would be calling for the head of Simon Crean who lead the spill and the other ministers who supported Rudd. The best she could do was to banish Crean to the back bench, he says she did it before he could resign. Joel Fitzgibbon chief government whip, and fellow whips, Janelle Safflin and Ed Husic are resigning from their roles. Richard Marles has given up his parliamentary secretary positions. As I’m writing this, Chris Bowen, a member of the House of Representatives has announced his resignation. An update from this morning: two resignations: Kim Carr, Minister for Human Services and Resources Minister, Martin Ferguson. As a radio commentator has mentioned, all the talent has gone to the back benches. It will be interesting to see where Julia Gillard goes from here.
The party isn’t over yet, there’s bound to be more fallout from this catastrophe. The only sure thing right now is that we can expect to see Rudd (though hopefully not hear from him) until the next election comes around.

June 2010 Julia Gillard has been elected unopposed to the Labor leadership, seizing power in a bloodless Parliament House coup.
March 2013 Prime Minister Julia Gillard admonishes her party for an ‘appalling’ two weeks of self-indulgence, which culminated in an abortive leadership challenge.

King of Hearts: How do we get rid of a floating cat?
Queen of Hearts: Off with its head!
King of Hearts: Brilliant!

A Tale of Two Cities
The guillotine was the popular theme for jests; it was the best cure for headache, it infallibly prevented the hair from turning grey, it imparted a peculiar delicacy to the complexion, it was the National Razor which shaved close: who kissed La Guillotine, looked through the little window and sneezed into the sack. It was the sign of the regeneration of the human race.
Devlin, ‘Off with their heads’
I’m on some off with your head shit
I keep firing, I’m not The Apprentice
Devs told me to go in, ah yeah
So I wrap blocked all the exits
Yes I’ll be here forever
The chair’s so far I’ll leave here in leather

Love makes the world go round
Watch out for Haters all they want to do is depress your soul while they gain your joy. Anonymous

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