Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member of the opposite sex for a day? What do you think life would be like?

There was a time (in my lifetime) when I might have swapped genders. If I was a young male I would get to sow my wild oats; and if some of those oats took hold it wouldn’t be me who was made responsible for the upkeep. Life was full of double standards and as a male I would be the one benefitting from them. How things have changed.

I’m a feminist. Even though I now have male children and grandchildren (female too) I have always believed in equality for both genders. Today, though, every woman is her own neo-feminist; a totally different character to the feminist. The neo-feminist knows her rights. She can drink, cuss and sows her oats with the best of them. Each victory for women’s rights no longer means, as it originally was meant to, gaining equality with them but a defeat for men. It’s the same sort of double standard only as it is now applied to women.

Take sexism, for example. There are two sexes but the Federal Sex Discrimination Officer is always a woman. Today, women criticise men without fear or favour but men are called sexist if they criticise women. We have a female prime minister, the first minister of the land and the first woman prime minister. She could have acted as a role model; proved the superiority of her gender by being good at her job but she only succeeded in being just another self-serving politician. I suspect that apart from her many failures, what we will remember most about this prime minister is that savage serve she gave the opposition leader that went viral and was taken up as some sort of holy cause and without question by feminist groups like Jezebel. Our PM is constantly critical of her male counterpart (for some time she deliberately slurred her consonants and Mr Abbot became Mr Rabbit when she referred to him) but she keeps on carping about male sexism.

Neo-feminists mustn’t have male children or male relatives or else they are incapable of thinking outside their mandated square. It’s much too scary to be a male these days; I’m just happy to be me.


4 thoughts on “Trading places

  1. I like things to be pretty equal too but I also like men to be men and women to be women which may sound vague, but I hope you know what I mean. Somewhere the line and balance has gone a little fuzzy as you say and men now suffer some double standards. One thing has always confused me though and it has to do with the guy sowing the wild oats. To achieve this, was not a field available?

    • Hi Bruce, yes it takes two. But back then one side was indulged while the other side ended up losing a reputation and sometimes being forced to raise a baby on her own. Thanks for the visit. 🙂

      • The classic double standard for sure; but do you think women would like to be indulged with a reputation as with the guys? A curious topic. Being left with a baby definitely an unfair expectation and responsibility.

      • The thing is, I don’t think women worry about reputations, good or bad these days. That’s the part that is really equal. 🙂

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