An Australian woman living in Canada, Allyson McConnell, murdered her two babies; she drowned them in the bath. They got a life sentence, but McConnell’s was downgraded to manslaughter because the poor woman was depressed and had looked up ways to suicide, but she’s alive and kicking while those babies will never draw another breath, or sing a song, or go to school or kiss a girl or live a life. The civil libertarians and the feminists are not on their side, never will be. Now that she’s in Australia, McConnell is home free.

One boy was ten months and the other two years old. Their mother shoved these vulnerable, trusting children under the water and held on till she was sure they were dead. How long did it take, I wonder? Even ten seconds is a long time when you are waiting for somebody to die. That was the last thing that those little boys saw. One search [McConnell] made on the afternoon of Jan. 13, 2010 was “How long does it take to drown?”

There was a bitter custody dispute. McConnell wanted to go back to Australia and her husband wanted his children to stay in the same country so that he could bond with them and so that they would have a chance to know their father. Now McConnell has been let out after a pathetically short sentence and has gone back to Australia where the chances of her paying for her crimes in this country are Buckley’s and none.

I’m not sure what the system is like in Canada but I doubt that justice will be done in Australia. That it’s hardly made news here should give you an indicator as to why.

Robert Farquharson is an Australian father who was convicted and sentenced to life without parole for murdering his three sons in 2005 by driving them into a dam. He appealed his sentence twice. Today, I’m hearing in the news that he has been denied the chance to take his appeal to the High Court.

2 thoughts on “Double standards? Where are the children’s rights in all this

    • Thanks for liking it Lin. That piece still has something to say, to me at least. But unsurprisingly things and situations change. I think it’s time I wrote an update that’s separate to this piece.

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