The silly season has well and truly passed, but we’re discussing beards.
I can’t believe it, yet another thing to add to the list of what we require of our footballers in Australia. It seems that beards are back in fashion and some of our footballers are hopping on the bandwagon. Not everyone is pleased about it. Apparently, a ‘little bit of stubble is sexy but it’s got to be on the right man’.

We worship footballers in this country and believe that they belong to us. Football is a religion here, so no surprise. They entertain us by kicking a bit of leather around an oval for a couple of hours and we believe we own them. Although they hadn’t asked us to we put them on a pedestal, then when some have proved unworthy of our adulation we chastise them.

Don’t get me wrong, some of those footballers have behaved disgracefully, but it’s not up to us to tell them how to dress or how to wear their hair. And if they do the wrong thing it’s up to the law to deal with them. I think their adoptive parents should, be chastised: the club, the doctors, the physiotherapists and the coaches who have raised them badly in an artificial environment away from family and friends. These young men get drafted to the game when they’re around 17 and work their way through the ranks. Ironically by the time they arrive at the elderly age of 25 when their brains are fully developed they are the seniors of the game and have almost reached their used by stage.

Not in the news, actually (and as I predicted it) is Allyson McConnell, the woman who held her two babies down in bath water as long as it took until they drowned. Nothing for two years, then as she arrives at the Airport from Canada, she is surrounded by but won’t speak to the media. She is sympatheticall escribed in the news as being ‘tired and gaunt’ and nothing more has been said since. I think the law in Canada can go whistling Dixie. They have no chance of getting her back to face a retrial and punishment.

5 thoughts on “In the News

  1. Sports are big everywhere. They provide so much of a country’s entertainment, and there are people who behave badly in all sports. Some of them are even more idolized because of it. It’s funny about the beards. With the popularity of the show Duck Dynasty here in the States, I look for more and more people to let their hair and beard grow wild. Are you familiar with the show?

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