I really appreciate a personal award because it means that the people giving it aren’t basing it on one read. They have been visiting me for a while and relating to what I have to say on all sorts of issues. I thought that two awards in the one week was stunning. Melanie Jean Juneau from http://themotherofnine9.wordpress.com has awarded me a ’Because you are fantabulous’ award I’m tickled pink.

Julia MacRay http://2bcreativeblog.com/ wants me to have a Sunshine Award because I make her smile. I couldn’t ask for better praise. In my turn I’m going to pass on the awards to people that I visit and here are some (though not all) below. I have more to add and will do it in the next week. Things are so hectic for me at the moment. But here’s a start.
I’m happy for those who I have nominated to take both awards for themselves, with hugs attached.

There’s Bruce from http://bonzablogger.wordpress.com/
There are so many different type of bloggers out there from all over the world, but I thought I’d start with Bruce. He is a fellow Aussie. Bruce doesn’t produce daily, but his pieces are thoughtful and I think are worth the wait.

In my Reader there’s a relatively new ‘You may like’ section that show blogs I’ve visited, liked or blogs that I can relate to. While I often visit the Freshly Pressed, it’s nice to be able to extend my options.
There’s a blog I’ve only recently discovered through ‘you may like’ called the New Hampshire Writer’s Network. http://nhwn.wordpress.com/the-writers/ They are a bunch of writers with different backgrounds and different views, so this blog makes for an interesting read.

I don’t think that because I am interested in writing and writers I should limit myself. There are so many places to visit and people to meet in Blogland. I love belonging to this community.

Below I’ve listed people offering recipes , sometimes unusual recipes, sometimes they are a different take on a classic and sometimes, like http://frugalfeeding.com/ a way to make interesting dishes at a low cost.
http://lovefromitaly.wordpress.com/ This blog recounts the adventures of a Scot in Italy. The May 20 post begins with ‘Some of the most delicious recipes I have ever made come from mistakes, disasters, serendipity. This, my friends, is one of those recipes!’ Interesting biographical details come along with the recipes.
I love leeks and I love mushrooms. http://veggiezest.com/ shows me how to make a risotto combining both ingredients. PS. If you want to know what Ethiopian red lentils are check out veggiezest. I didn’t know it but ‘Ethiopian food, in a lot of ways is very similar to Indian food.’ The great thing about recipe blogs is that everyone wants to share the interesting recipes and information.

4 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Congratulations on your awards, Mary. You deserve them! Sorry to have bombarded you a bit tonight, but I haven’t been here for a while and you were on my mind tonight. I hope your pressures are lessening. My sister is doing well, but my mother is not feeling well at all any more. I think most of it is severe arthritis in her ribcage. I spent a good bit of the day with her, and she was cheerful, but it is hard to watch her struggle with the pain.

    • Thanks, Maddie. You know how pleased I am to get them. It’s not always obvious to me whether people are reading. I just love it when you bombard. It’s worth the wait.
      Our mums raised us and worried about us and now it’s our turn. Who knew? I tell you what, you say a little prayer for my mum and I’ll say one for yours. Hugs, darling.

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