‘Hold on a minute, I’ve got the costumes in here somewhere. I’m Harlequin and you’re Columbine, Jack can be Pierrot. The perfect triangle, don’t you think? Not that he knows it yet, but tonight’s the night.’

‘Harlequin’s a man. I should be Harlequin.’

‘I’m sick of doing the chasing. Time you two had a turn. I’ll just sit back and watch. Whoever wins can have me.’

So, that’s it. Get out of there. I don’t want to play your game. I won’t be used to make Jack jealous.

‘Go then, you’ll be back. It’s our destiny to play that game, again and again.

I’ve decided to dip my pen into the Friday Fictioneers. A picture is posted and you have to work a story in a hundred words. It’s called ‘Childhood’s End’. And as usual I zipped through and get it wrong. I turned mine into an adult story. Still, that’s where my grey cells took me. I’m assuming that the prompts are about a challenge to get something down. I hope. Thanks to Maddie Cochere of Breezy Books who suggested I try it. http://breezybooksblog.wordpress.com/ who suggested I try it.

Below is a link to said fantastic Friday Fictioneers Blog


8 thoughts on “The eternal triangle

  1. Your story works fine! You can write any genre, anything that comes to mind based on the photo prompt. One thing, even though it’s called Friday Fictioneers, the prompt is already up for this week, and you can post early (if you write quickly!)

  2. Dear Mary,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. It’s a wonderful exercise in learning to make every word count. Happy to have you aboard.



    PS “Childhood’s End” is the title of my story, not the title of the photo. 😉

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