copyright -Managua Gunn

copyright -Managua Gunn

Does my bum look bad in this? The woman in the shop said no; girls will go wild over my uniform. I look like a young Clark Gable, she said, before he grew that bit of fungus under his nose. This poncy helmet I’m wearing will complete the ensemble ‘parfaitement’. So far the only bit of interest has been from a bird, a stray dog and a skunk. They didn’t hang around. Tomorrow I’m getting my Star Trek uniform out of hock. The landlady is a Trekker, she feeds me strudel when I wear it.

This is my second offering for the Friday Fictioneers challenge. I’m loving it. Give it a go yourselves.

28 thoughts on “Does my bum look bad in this?

  1. Hmmm, I hadn’t heard of “Trekker” before, just “Trekkie.” You learn something new every day. I also didn’t look closely enough to ascertain that the guard was female and thought “he” had a big bum. Oh, well. At least we’re not profiling as female because of a big posterior. 🙂


    • Serious Trekkers or those who want the genre to be taken seriously don’t say SciFi either, they say SF. On the other hand it could be a bunch of geeks duking it out with another bunch of geeks. Take your pick.

    • Thanks so very much. I was aiming for funny but I don’t always manage to pull it off. Sometimes I find that there is a big gap between the intent and the reality.

    • Thanks Hannah. Rochelle has explained that it’s whatever impression we Fictioneers take from the prompt that matters. I’m slow to catch on, but I’ve finally got it. 🙂

  2. Dear Mary,

    Interesting take. It really doesn’t matter whether or not you make the guard male or female. I never write my prompt as an illustration but rather as an impression.



  3. The more I looked at this photo, the more the unfair thought recurred: doesn’t her backside look big! Not a flattering uniform, not a flattering pose. I sidestepped it in my piece, nice to see you made the guard male … or did you? 🙂

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