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I haven’t much to do in the next two weeks apart from hosting two grandchildren from interstate and being involved with two grandchildren living in the same state as I do. Count them – that’s four grandchildren descending on me; nice girls and boys, but full of energy sapping enthusiasm. So, for the five minutes of free time that I have to myself, what do I do? I drop in on the daily challenge to see what’s what.

WordPress wants to know what makes a blog great. As I haven’t got much spare time, let’s skip the lengthy introductory formalities and begin with the maxim that truth is in the eye of the subjective beholder – and so is the idea of what makes for a great blog. WordPress has its opinion and hands out Freshly Pressed every morning. Sometimes I agree wholeheartedly, sometimes I don’t get it, but their choices and my likes are necessarily subjective. Still, I’m glad of the chance to dip in and out of FP posts and check things out for myself.

I used to trawl the FPs every morning to see what I could do to improve my blog. It was a great introduction for a rank beginner to the world of blogging and I’ve met some of my best friends on Freshly Pressed. Then I discovered commenters to those sites and blog rolls and visited them. I learned a lot about the kindness and generosity of bloggers who wanted to help those visiting their site. I also learned that some bloggers are political or politically correct. I try to stay well away from them as I have my own strong opinions. But the best thing about blogging that I have discovered and love is that you can’t tell and therefore can’t judge a person by their colour or their religion. Blogging is only about the writing. And if you don’t know who you are reading you are free to like or dislike what they are saying rather than judge them on who they are. Is that convoluted? Well, I haven’t got time to edit. Not for a couple of weeks.

Let me just end by saying that for me, a great blog is one that informs (me) and one that amuses (me).


7 thoughts on “A great blog is in the eye of the subjective beholder

  1. I certainly agree with you that a good blog informs. I love to learn from people. I love to know their views. I love to find out a thing or two they know more than me and I can learn from them. I also love to find out a blogger’s personality. I often fall in love with bloggers who are kind and inspiring. I’ve found blogging on WordPress a marvellous experience, and I’ve found a few excellent writers, thinkers and marvellous human beings. My life has been enriched so much in this community.

  2. I agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder… but truth? That sounds to me like post modernism… And it makes me wonder whether we’re going to hear of your political positions.

    • Shimon, you’re right, it is post-modernism. I hate it. You are absolutely not going to hear of my political position unless (I understand that that’s not your meaning) I decide to write something about our next Federal Election, soon to be announced. ‘Given how I feel about both sides of politics I doubt that I can come up with a political position there either. I

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