When I said I was seriously seeking grannies, I meant that I wanted to meet with other grannies and compare notes. Not the sleazy mob that click on my site looking for love.
I’ve written about it before. But the clicks haven’t stopped. I’m thinking I might change my title. I hate being forced to do it, but having moved away from being a totally seriously granny anyhow perhaps it’s time for a change.
Those of you who have ideas, do let me know. I would appreciate the help.

18 thoughts on “The blogger she is a changing

  1. A change of name sounds like a good thing, especially if you think it’s no longer the best choice. You stand to lose most of the sleeze and pick up readers that you are seeking. I say go for the change; you can always go back. Can’t help with a name though Mary, sorry. WordPress have written about this topic, perhaps you’ll find inspiration there.

    • Bruce, I haven’t read WordPress’ article on it, but I vaguely remember that they advise people stick to a theme. I find myself wandering from topic to topic these days. If your subconscious comes up with something, I’d be grateful to hear about it. 🙂

      • Why can’t your theme be that of a subject wanderer? You can still concentrate on a favourite subject within your wanderings. Your ‘About Me’ can let readers know the type of things you like to write about and if interested might start searching. It comes down to you I guess and what blogging subjects make you happy.

      • A subject wanderer. I’m going to give that serious thought. I’ve grown fond of my ‘About Me’ but maybe it’s time to do a bit of revision there too. I do know that I can’t cope with the sordid granny invasion much longer.

    • Hi Kami, so lovely to hear from you. ‘Grand Parenting’ is a great idea, or would be if I just stuck to the one theme. But (even though the WordPress folk think we should) I’ve been finding that I’m not doing that of late.
      I’ve been thinking – Mez’s Mess. That’s what my family and friends call me (Mez not Mess) I’m not too enamoured of it though. If anything else comes up I’d be happy to know. 🙂

    • Neither did I guess it, but that’s the internet for you. It brings out the best and the worst in people. Thanks for the kind words, but I’ve been realising that though my blog isn’t any prettier than when I began, it has moved on from being solely about a granny’s experiences, so maybe it’s about time for the name change.

  2. Well being a relatively naive granny, I never even thought of that angle. I knew right away you were just looking for other grannies to TALK TO.
    Do your grandkids have a special name for you?
    Maybe that would work.
    It’s hard to pick a blog name. Good luck.

    • I was a relatively naïve granny myself before I named this blog. No special name other than the traditional one or a contraction of it. I’ll have to find something else. But thanks so much for your suggestion. 🙂

    • Shimon, on the statistics page there is a section (bottom left hand corner, that is called ‘Search Engine Terms.’ The mildest of them yesterday was ‘grannies looking to be loved.’ I usually want to scrub my eyes out with soap after reading the more explicit searches.

      • Okay, I take your word for it that there were sleazy motivations. There are a lot of grannies in this world. Maybe, if you thought about it, you could come up with certain unique interests or specific qualities that would describe the sort of people you would like to connect with.

      • Thanks for the suggestion, Shimon. But it’s the title. That’s what comes up when people Google the word Granny. The title was appropriate when I was writing only about my grandchildren, but it’s expanded a bit. I have other opinions, not grandchildren related, who knew? I’ll have to find something else to call myself.

      • That was my intention when I spoke of unique interests. To change the name of your blog to something that would more accurately reflect your own interests and personality.

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