The verdict is in. Men with small testicles make better parents than their hormone riddled male counterparts. There’s been a breakthrough at Emory University in Atlanta where Dr James Rillington and his team have studied a cohort of 70 males aged between 21 and 43 and have come to the conclusion that ‘The link between testes size and parenting related brain activity suggests a trade-off between mating and parenting.’ * (Herald Sun 11 September 2013). To add gravitas to the scholarly research (and keep their partners honest) the wives were surveyed on their husband’s level of parenting. So, it’s either full-on testosterone and absentee dads or sensitive new age guys playing hide and seek with their children.

Who knew? Certainly not me. Go bungy jumping or take a writing course and let your male progeny raise themselves is my advice. It’s too late for me but you can still save yourselves. I’ve wasted decades of effort, teaching my sons to be caring, loving and sensitive human beings. Here I have been congratulating myself on a job well done. I was wrong. It seems that while nature plays a large part in a boy’s upbringing it’s useless to count on nurture.

One of my boys has sons of his own. I’m not sure how I’m going to break this news to him. M reads to his boys and makes up entertaining stories in which his children are the central characters and heroes. He feeds them and bathes them and encourages their naturally inquisitive minds to develop. I thought I might leave the article on his kitchen table. Then again what’s to be gained at this late stage? Let M have his peace of mind and his fun.

6 thoughts on “Let your male progeny raise themselves

  1. This story makes my eyes water. For the measuring, was a slide rule or calipers used? Against whose standard were they compared? As for whether I’m a sweet daddy or a caveman, no comment or grunt.

    • Thanks for following, TT. But I think I appreciate your comment even more. Sometimes new followers don’t comment or like, so I’m never sure what influenced the follow. Anyway, much appreciated on both counts.

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