It’s so nice to know that at the tail end of a heat wave (44 degrees C, 108 F) the Lord Mayor of our city has finally organised showers and a towel, and free entry to a swimming pool. He had to; the unwashed homeless were being tossed out of air conditioned shopping centres and it wasn’t safe to visit public toilets as a molested 12 year old could have told them, possibly did.

Those of us who have our own air conditioners blasting full bore are glad to hear that things will have cooled down by tomorrow and we can get out of the house. The Lord Mayor and the rest of the overpaid politicians ruling our roost must be relieved too. They can get back to business and the homeless can get back to where they belong: out of sight and out of mind. Though I’m not sure what the politicians could do as big business has moved overseas and our utilities no longer belong to us. It’s secret politicians’ business what they do.

At least our homeless will have their memories to keep them warm in winter and they get to keep the towel. Can’t ask better can they?

2 thoughts on “Our politicians earning their keep

    • When I was young I loved the heat. It meant spending school holidays at the beach. But after that I could go home and have a shower, couldn’t I? And in winter I could just toss another blanket on the bed.
      It’s taken a week of record breaking heatwave before any of us, let alone the pollies who could do something about it, to remember them.
      Talking of school holidays. I might be able to finish that article that I’m having such a hard time with when my darlings go back home. Mixed feelings here.

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