Looks just like an ordinary Joe, doesn't he?

Looks just like an ordinary Joe, doesn’t he?

Far out, far out, far out, far out.

*Mary had a canary, she also had a duck
She took ’em behind the kitchen door and taught ’em how to….
Fry a fish for dinner, fry a fish for tea
The more you eat the more you drink the more you wanna…
Peter had a boat, the boat began to rock
Up jumped jaws and bit him on the….
Cocktail, gingerale 30 cents a glass
If you don’t like it, shove it up your…
There’s a second verse, but, although I like a good swear, I think that enough is as good as a feast.

‘May you live in interesting times’, a Chinese curse; I’m aiming at our federal government.

There’s a lot of hysteria in the community about a tax being imposed on the rich, but not much mention about the poor in our society, or the fact that our Treasurer and his henchmen / women are setting about creating an underclass.

Joe Hockey, who is about to put out his first budget is planning to stick it ot us, but good. I get chills when he tells us that the age of entitlement is over. I know that Medicare is on the way out so less visits to the doctor, and the pharmaceutical benefits scheme to be scrapped so vital life saving medication will be available if you can afford it.

If Joe is entitled, I’d like to know why the rest of us are not. I’m not aware that anything that he’s done till now or is about to do entitles him to his wage. He’s not telling us that we can eat cake, but actions speak louder than words.

I’ve never subscribed to the belief that we are a classless society, still, there was once a time when everyone had a chance to better him or herself through hard work and a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. That’s almost over. And of course now that we’ve allowed the unions to be killed off, we’ve come full circle. We’re going to have to negotiate our pay based on what our employer can afford to give us for that fair day’s work while the cost of living goes up. We mayn’t find ourselves rich at the tail end of our lives but at least we could afford medical treatment for the sorts of things that invariably go wrong when we get old. After decades of paying our own way and chipping in to pay for the bloated salaries of worthless politicians, we’re being told that if we can’t fend for ourselves we can, well, we can eat cake. Lest we forget at the next election, Joe Hockey.

Maybe enough isn’t as good as a feast, far out, far out, far out, far out Joe Hockey.

5 thoughts on “F is for far out: may you live in interesting times Joe Hockey

  1. Go Mary. None of these budget horrors will hurt the pollies with they? At the end of their term, whether 4 years or longer, they can retire or be kicked out by the vote and they can live on a generous pension for the rest of the life without working. That can happen at 40yrs of age for a pollie, others pay super for their whole working life and finish on less than a 4 yr pollie.
    One of their motto’s for the budget cuts; this will hurt you more than us.

    • There are so many things cheesing me off. It would take hours to name them. Let me just point out that the Independent Remuneration Tribunal won’t be able to rubber stamp this year’s automatic pay rise. It should be called the automatic remuneration tribunal.

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