My darling daughter in law gave me this recipe, and she got it from her next door neighbour. My D-I-L tries everything. She’s not afraid of trying something new. You have to have a cast iron pot that will be okay in a hot oven.
Mix three cups good flour, pinch salt,  one sachet dried yeast (original recipe had half that but the full dose works, rises better and not too yeasty) and  one and a half cups warm water.
Mix well with wooden spoon, but don’t knead and don’t stress.
Cover with glad wrap overnight. Next day: With wet hands flatten the dough onto floured baking paper and fold it into the middle from three or four sides.
Chuck it back in bowl, this time on top of baking paper lining the bowl. After a couple hours when it has risen again, tip it into a very very hot oven pot (a cast iron pot with lid) with baking paper in the bottom. You can’t do that gently but the less handling the better at this point.
Cover and bake for half hour. Take lid off and bake for another quarter hour or until it looks good and sounds hollow when you knock on it.
Tip onto cooling rack. I added onion at the first stage. Not sure what to try next – fennel seeds? Pumpkin seeds? Olive bits? Let’s share and compare!

The vegan sausage rolls are from a website called ‘where’s the beef’

6 thoughts on “Bread

  1. I keep meaning to try this. Thanks for the reminder! You could try cinnamon and raisin, walnuts, feta and sundried tomato, rosemary and olive, honey and sunflower seeds, top with sesame seeds…

  2. I don’t do it often anymore. But when the children were still at home, I used to bake bread often, and there is nothing like the smell of it filling the home. Plus, fresh bread is as good as cake.

    • No reason not to start baking again just for yourself, Shimon. Speaking for myself, I tend not to be as interested in those sorts of challenges now that my children have left home.

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