The Young Liberals want to bring back the cane. If you’re an Aussie I needn’t explain who these people are, if you’re not, all you need to know is that the Young Libs are the cheer leaders for one of the major political parties (currently in government). And they are campaigners for their own and their party’s policies and best of all, they are future captains of industry.

The Young Libs believe that private schools should have the option to use corporal punishment to keep students in line. It’s a mystery to me why only private schools should be so privileged. Caning did no harm to the recipients. They’re often telling us that it was a badge of honour not to cry out. English school boy, Reginald Chancellor was killed by his schoolmaster in 1860. Perhaps he should have cried out sooner. What about flogging? We could bring that back. It certainly kept people in line in the good old days. Or hanging. If they could come back, those people would have told you that they were taught a lesson.

Violence to the young and vulnerable is a fascinating topic and one that obviously hasn’t run its course yet. Christos Tsiolkas’ novel, The Slap.set intellectuals salivating and book club readers chattering. Was it all right for a stranger to slap a three year old boy across the face?

Congratulations to the Young Libs. Can I suggest that they put their hands up (or out) as test subjects. The trouble is that we can’t guarantee them a calm objective type to calmly administer six of the best in front of their peers.

4 thoughts on “Young Libs want to bring back the cane

  1. Good idea for them to be the test subjects Mary. I copped a few of the best back in my school days and while I suppose it was a bit of a deterrent it didn’t stop me from return visits.
    Knowing more about people now than before, the last thing I would do would be to trust someone to cane, or otherwise, my kids. There would be one or two fruitcakes among the good teachers who would just love to hurt someone.
    Getting someone to see sense without belting them is probably harder but that is the challenge.
    Too take it a little further, If one of these Young Libs makes a mistake a work then it should be okay for his/her boss to cane them?
    Lastly, I’ve never forgotten being in primary school, about 9 yrs of age. I copped a huge whack on my bum, bent over in front of the class, for using my pencil the wrong way.
    If I ran into that teacher now I would want to return the compliment.

    • Gosh, Bruce, I feel for your 9 year old self. If teachers were allowed to hit girls, I’d have been in big trouble all through school. My handwriting was and is appalling. When waiting at an open bus stop, freezing my mittens off, I often think that if people in charge were made to test out their ideas they might have second thoughts. I raised two boisterous boys. They it was definitely a challenge to make them see sense, but I did. (They’re lovely now). It’s not only the fruitcakes who can’t be trusted with our vulnerable children, even the best of teachers have their bad days.

    • I don’t think I’ll ever forget our PMs comment that there were no broken promises only our failure to read the fine print. Having said that, our previous government didn’t do us or themselves any credit either. So glad we don’t live in a dictatorship but being able to vote a government out isn’t as satisfying as it once was.

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