To save you from trawling through this blurb – there is no recipe on this blog, but I give a link to my food blog where you can find it.  https://wordpress.com/stats/sugarnspiceallthingsnice.wordpress.com

Recently, Cheery Cheergerm  of Cheergerm & the Silly Yak  http://cheergerm.com  who is one of my many favourites, posted a genuine Polish Pierogi recipe on her delicious site. It was given to her by a visiting relative. I have no such relative, but there is a fabulous book I have that is full of recipes and fantastic illustrations. It is called Sugared Orange. I had to try it, I love sauerkraut and mushrooms.

I mentioned recently that I was going to alternate a recipe in between my articles, just to give myself and others a change. Thing is, I have a (much neglected by me) recipe site. So, I have made an executive decision to be sneaky and not post it here, but give you a link to that site. It’s not a lovely site. If you are already guessing that if II am sticking to form – there will be no pictures – you would be right.  I see it as more of failsafe system to keep my favourites intact. But if I can get the occasional visit, I won’t mind.


 If I get a visit or two out of it, I might put more of an effort to do something more creative with my food blog (then again, maybe not, but I promise (for those of you who care) a new recipe after each article.

4 thoughts on “Pierogi with cabbage and Mushrooms

  1. Rich is a fan of pierogis, but I resisted them. I could never get past the texture of boiled dough. He finally fried them in butter with onions, and I thought they were delicious. Of course, we are not ambitious enough to make our own dough, so we buy frozen from the store. I always enjoy your recipes, Mary.

    • Hello darling Maddie. Rich spoils you, doesn’t he? Most of us these don’t have the time or energy to start from scratch. Anyhow, it’s what you stuff those little pockets with that counts. 🙂 Hugs.

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