I’m sure I don’t make as much use of my iPad as other people do, but I’ve come to appreciate my iBook section. It’s allowed me to reconnect with writers I haven’t read in quite a while. I just buy an iTunes card and download. I wouldn’t give up hard copies for the world, but it’s wonderful to be able to carry around dozens of books in my handbag.  I’m re-reading Mary Stewart’s ‘This Rough Magic’ set on the Island of Corfu. The title is a quote from William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The story was a nice trip back in time for me.

Coincidentally, I’ve only just come across a book my local library called ‘Prospero’s Kitchen. Island Cooking of Greece’, put together by Diana Farr Louis and June Marinos. The recipes are delicious. There’s one for a fasting cake that I intend to try out. And Soula’s Moussaka. Remember Moussaka? It used to be the most exotic thing we could make in Australia some time in the early eighties, I think.Now, we are happily multi-cultural in the truest sense and have ingredients in our pantry that we used to have to send away for. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit of a Greek revival? Yassou!

300g flour (2 cups)

2 teaspoons baking powder

200g sugar (1 cup)

225 g butter (1 cup)

3 eggs

75g raisins (1/2 cup)

The peel and juice of 2 tangerines

80 ml brandy or milk (1/3 cup)

Confectioner’s sugar

Preheat oven to 190 degrees Celsius. Sift flour and baking powder together. Beat sugar and butter together. Add the beaten eggs and add the raisins and the peel and juice of the tangerines. Mix in the flour and then the brandy. If necessary, add more liquid (brandy or milk). The mixture should not be too thick but of dropping consistency. Butter and flour a 25 cm round tin.  Pour in the batter and bake for 1 hour. When cool, turn the cake out of the tin and sieve confectioners’ sugar on the surface.

6 thoughts on “Tangerine Cake

  1. Never had moussaka until I went to Greece last year. It was delicious. Also never saw so many cucumbers in my life. They put them in everything. Except the moussaka. Or do they? lol
    Tangerine cake sounds yummy.

    • Last time I made moussaka I was a young mum. I might reinstate it on the Pearlie menu and invite my children over for dinner. Actually, I might have to make some adjustments as one of them is now a vegetarian. Times change. 🙂

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