I have a 3 kg turkey breast taking up residence in my little freezer. A big boy. Now, I’ve got a couple of tough choices: I could adopt it or roast it and I’m too old to start that parenting journey all over again. I don’t want to spend thirty dollars on a thermometer. Do I absolutely need one? If I can even fit it into the oven, what next? Help.





12 thoughts on “Help, I need somebody

  1. I hate being redundant but carving it up before roasting is the safest way to go. You really don’t wish to give your guests salmonella for the holidays. Good luck and may this be the worst problem you face in 2016. Happy New Year!

  2. Ps you crack me up…what would you have named this turkey child of yours? By cutting it up you avoid buying a meat thermometer you may never use again….cover the breast with foil for the first bit of cooking then take off to brown later on….sorry, not being bossy just throwing some ideas around.

    • Not in your nature to be bossy, Lisa. Actually you have been most helpful and saved me from another round of sleepless nights. I was thinking of naming him Prince Orloff, it sounds so regal and the ingredients to that dish are delicious. Get where I’m heading?

  3. I would probably hack it to pieces and then do a nigella style oven bake with some lovely spicy fatty sausages to add fat and some lemon, garlic, and herbs of some kind. It’s easier to tell if its cooked this way. Just google Nigella and sausage (awkward) and bake and Rosemary. πŸ˜€

    • Everyone wants me to cut it into pieces, Cheery. It’s obviously the way to go. The herbs sound nice, but I don’t know about the sausages. Looking forward to it already.

  4. Being a master cook myself Mary, I suggest cutting the turkey in half, or quarters, for easy cooking. Stitch it together after it’s cooked, taking particular care to place the drumsticks etc in their original position. No one will ever know that your oven wasn’t big enough. Happy New Year Mary.

    • I’m not a master surgeon, Bruce. And I suspect that once I’ve gone through the process of roasting, I wouldn’t have the energy to sew anything together. No legs, though, so nothing to sew together. This big boy is a breast. My husband brought it home in the hope I would convert it into a yummy dinner and have Plenty of bird left over for sandwiches. Enough, I’d say to last till next thanksgiving. πŸ™‚

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