I had an idea for a short story. A woman witnesses the murder of her best friend and is chased by the killer. This woman has a gift. She can physically place herself into any scene of any novel she chooses. She hid s herself in the prologue of Tale of Two Cities and works out a plan to bring justice to her friend and closure for herself. As I’m fond of saying, getting the idea is easy. Developing the story, the angle, the characters and tone is the 99 per cent slog that people talk about when they describe the writing process. Yay, I did it. But when I checked out the link to the publication, should have done it first, I found that they weren’t taking submissions till September.

Ever had a sore tooth and constantly probed it with your tongue? That’s what happens when you have a couple of months to kill. I reviewed and revised and probed till I didn’t know any more where I was. When a story is ready to be sent out into the world, it usually means that you’ve already revised and readied for submission. The moral is, trust yourself. I’ve made an executive decision. I’m leaving my story till September. Maybe I will give it a once over before I press the send button.

We’re having an election on Saturday. I’ve already voted. No, I won’t comment except to say that we are feeling a disaffection and dissatisfaction with our politicians, much as Americans currently are and the English. We’re fed up with politicians telling us what’s good for us and not being made accountable for it the same way the rest of us would be if we get it wrong. A former Labour premier turned commentator favourably compared our system to the one in the US. If we want to roll our leaders we can. She said it as if it was a positive. Both the incumbent and the leader of the opposition in this election have done just that. Makes me think of a politician called Marcus Junius Brutus who played a part in the assassination of Julius Caesar. Nothing, it seems, has changed.

When you hear the term sexism, do you automatically assume it’s aimed at men or women? I have strong opinions I want to discuss on Β the double standard tha exists in this country. I’ll get back to it when I can do it justice. Till then, πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “Time on my hands

  1. The only way to put an end to my editing is to remove the work from my desk and home. As long as it is here, I will find a better way to say this, or, a reason to delete that. That will be my hell: having a completed piece before me and no deadline for submission for all of eternity.

  2. I think tucking it away until September is a good idea Mary. Giving it the once or twice over at that time will let you know if it still feels good. As for your political comment, I’ve not read such kind words from you. Sexism, I usually take it to be aimed at men.

  3. Good luck with mulling and waiting to send that story out, maybe there will be more refining in the meantime. But then, are we ever really 100 per cent happy with every single word? My brain jumps to ‘male’ when I initially hear the word ‘sexism’ but I fast get over that and also think that there really is a double standard when it comes to using that word. Looking forward to reading your Ponderings.

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