Jools Oliver just had her fifth child. Do you know? Do you care? I don’t know her and  wouldn’t have cared except that I read Joanna Robin’s article online and that stirred me up.

Jools instagrammed her post baby pants. Social Media cared and Joanna Robin. There was a time when print space was limited. An editor, red pen at the ready would choose which letter made it into print and cut the rants down to a dull roar. Now everyone and his dog can post uncensored and unedited opinions. And some of them were aimed at Jools Oliver.

Writer for Mamma Mia, Joanna Robin, (New Mum, Jools Oliver has been attacked for her latest Instagram photo) also disapproves of Jools and her pic. Bad mum, bad mum, Jools. Fancy taking five minutes off for yourself out of an exhausting schedule. Was the bub taking time off for a doze? You looked so proud of those pants, How do you feel now?

As a mother of two who has had her organs rearranged, I can relate to Jools’ need to be, not someone’s mother, daughter or wife, but just Jools. Five little aliens giving their mummy’s intestines and lungs a bit of a workout as they grow, stretch marks putting paid to the chance of ever wearing a bikini again and the bladder. The less said about the bladder the better. Look it up for yourselves if you want to know. And there is the happy little mum (what a nerve) taking a minute to show off her post baby body. What a sin.

Joanna Robin’s article slams Jools’ unmotherly behaviour. (What would the neo-feminists say about that?) Perhaps Robin hasn’t had children yet and can’t relate. In that case, I won’t put her off by mentioning varicose veins. They are usually a chance after three children and Jools has chosen to have five.

Robin wants to give parenting tips to a forty one year old mother of five. I don’t get it? Even if she herself is a mother of five Robin knows nothing about Jools Oliver’s parenting style or her skills. Why does she feel qualified to criticise her. I find it disturbing that Jools’ followers and Robin think they entitled to see Jules Oliver’s ‘perfect little boy.’ Strange too. I’ve been known to run miles to avoid being collared by friends who want to foist on me their happy snaps. And it’s an absolute mystery to me why people feel free to be rude on social media when they wouldn’t dream of doing the same in person.

Jooles Oliver refused to ‘address this ridiculousness.’ Joanna Robin calls that ‘A perfectly English response from a new mum who just found her perfect pair of trousers.’ Snappy line, but I don’t know what that means. It’s stereotyping, or if Jools was another nationality it would surely be considered a racist statement. Anyhow, if you’re English perhaps you can enlighten me.


15 thoughts on “Addressing the ridiculessness

  1. A storm in a teacup for some of her followers. Seems Jules can take of herself and those others without a life know where to go. As you said Mary, the critics wouldn’t being saying it to her face.

  2. Having watched Jamie Oliver’s food programmes from the start, Jools, as his girlfriend was fleetingly mentioned or occasionally filmed. She rarely spoke, wore much make-up or seemed to crave attention. Over the years following Jamie’s success she does not appear to have changed and her Instagram is no different to any other proud mum who uses a Social Media outlet. She is not known to engage in mudslinging. She just doesn’t need to. It’s not being English – there are plenty of rude English! It’s just dignity.

  3. It is indeed quite ridiculous when people preach to one another on how to live. However, I guess it’s bound to happen when everyone share every little detail about their lives.
    I for one now know they named the baby “Rocket River” – and think that’s also ridiculous. I would rather not know it in the first place, but now that I was exposed to it, I’ve formed an opinion just as well…:)

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