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If you have a few minutes to waste, the following words of questionable substance may be helpful……

“Zzeeeeebra”, said the boy to John Laws. I don’t remember the topic that produced the word zebra, though I do recall the pronunciation of the Z. It  was not as in zed, bed, red, fled or wed, but was zzzeeeeeee as in tree, free, three, thee, tee-hee.

This was a month or two ago, driving, when a mum called the John Laws Show (talk back radio) and talked briefly to Mr Laws before passing the phone to her young son 12 or 13 years of age.

“It’s ZED not ZEEEE!” yelled I to no-one; “this is ‘straya’ not America”. Other listeners probably reacted similarly as did John Laws who, in a pleasant manner, promptly mentioned how Aussie’s pronounce the letter Z. The young guy was fine with the correction but seemingly oblivious to his Aussie…

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