Mushroom soup is lovely, easy and quick. I wanted to make some today and this is what I put together. My own recipe, but I suspect not original. It’s basically mushrooms and a couple of veggies, but tastes terrific. My fruit shop hasn’t got much to choose from, otherwise I would have added more variety to the pot. It’s all about flavour and texture.

150g Shimeji mushrooms

150g Button Mushrooms

150g Swiss Mushrooms

1 large, juicy tomato

Two stalks celery

Quarter of a large leek

Two tablespoons stock powder – chicken or mushroom


Slice and fry leek. Use blender to coarsely blend two third of mushrooms (chop the rest.  Blend tomato celery and capsicum – red or green, but I love red. Into the pot to cook down for a few minutes (on low), Then add a couple of litres of water with your favourite stock – I like either chicken or mushroom powdered stock. Cook for twenty minutes to half an hour on low.

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