For obvious reasons, I generally stay away from political comments. But we’re having a federal election on 18th May in Australia and it’s quite nasty. I remember the last time there was an effective push for ‘a change’ (‘It’s time’) .  So, just one statement. To those who have not voted earlier, can I say that if you want a change (the latest mantra) make sure that you can believe the many promises are affordable and make sure you’re voting for a change for the better. It’s the last time your opinion will count for four years.

Morrison   Prime Minister

Shorten    Opposition Leader


4 thoughts on “Change?

  1. When a political party’s platform is change and their close and influential friends have radical ideas about what changes should be, you need to worry. Do you have WIN where you are, Bruce?

  2. Very low key Mary. I’m finding the whole election lead up to be a load of cobblers. You’re right of course but how do you rely on policy that changes with the wind?

    • The whole election lead up is definitely a lot of cobblers, Bruce. On the other hand the undercurrents I’m picking up on are sinister and for the first time in my voting history I’m really frightened.

      • Sinister? Now you’ve really got me Mary. Is it something you can expand upon or rather not? I’ve been off balance with the Libs since they put the sword to Malcolm Turnbull. A stupid, mercenary, covetous move in my books and I’m a swinging voter about to hit a brick wall for choice.

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